What should I say,

I love you?

But my eyes…

They already do.


Is it just me?

That inexplicable melancholy when all is well,

like a hole will now open and swallow me.

An inexplicable feeling of sinking into a quicksand

helpless; soon to be lifeless..

Some inexplicable heaviness of the heart,

like someone or something were interfering with the beats.

The inexplicable knowledge that it is all but an illusion.

Always was, always will be.

An illusion that makes me wonder how did it all suddenly end


Will the melancholy make way for soft, sweet memories

or will it give rise to the hope for a tomorrow?

but then tomorrow is an illusion and fades into today,

always inexplicably.

I guess inexplicable will be this moment and these words

sombre when all is well

yet the feet sink into the quicksand, helpless..

Inexplicable it is all or is it just me?


I find peace in the sound of the rain, or the gurgling of a baby next door.

My soul smiles tranquilly

When there is no uproar.

My life is all about small moments,

That make it a big deal.

A rain soaked, Squealing child, has so much appeal.

For tiny slivers that shine through the cracks in my heart;

They teach me that life is not about the art of living.

For living life is an art ❤️


Hate before love, doubt before faith,
is this what we are coming to?
A purge anarchy,
A cleansing and purification,
so the good can prevail?
In the aftermath of the evil
that overshadows everything today;
Is there going to be the light of day?
Surely there is a method to this madness
That we fail to see.
Or is it just an algorithm
gone horribly wrong?
An indelible virus surging strong?
Crashing everything that comes its way,
Till there is nothing left to crash.
Will the machinery be repairable then?
New codes written, Old ones resurrected?
Will the world see love once more?
Surely if we have been made in the
mould of our creator/s
Then they will return one day
with a fix for the virus that runs amok today.
Or maybe, this is the fix?
Letting the virus purge the codes that are gullible,
so the machinery can run stronger
on the ones that were infallible.
Maybe this purge, this surge of hate
Is the only way to kill it off.
The poison of the snake that bit
injected as the antidote,
so the body can return to its healthy state.
maybe this hatred filled, putrid filth
must be let to decay
so that the new dawn can be fertilized
stronger, greener, brighter;
When love returns, and the creator/s
feels proud once again
of the moulded clay.

Buttered corn

Indulge yourself sometimes,
Life is not a punishment.
Don’t turn it into a sentence
To be borne:
Eat the cake,
add that cream to your coffee
Deep fry those fritters
Or how bout some decadent buttered corn?
Skip the odd class or two!
Make a few errors in judgement,
Get your heart broken to shattered fragments;
At least check out what is porn.
If you don’t punish yourself,
chances are, you won’t need to judge others’ actions too
So break those shackles inside your head
Shackles aren’t meant to be worn.
Laugh, laugh at your self,
Laugh with, not at, others.
Let the laughter burst forth and overflow
Let laughter replace the scorn.
For when you close your eyes one day..
Never to see the light again,
It will be nicer to leave people crying
Because a storehouse of joy is gone.
Besides of course your own peace;
That at least you know what is porn.
I mean corn, the taste of buttered corn!

No Monkey Business please

No Monkey business this.

Nandi Hills, like all hills in India abounds in monkeys running loose. Monkeys in Nandi Hills, like everywhere else are least perturbed by the human presence. Infact, they quite enjoy scaring the human race with a show of their teeth, as they make a quick getaway with a variety of treats, ranging from ice cream sticks to coke bottles, to chips to heavier stuff like rice and dal.

The family finds a quiet summer house and enjoys a lovely picnic lunch of sandwiches, chips, juices and such condiments.

As we settle down slowly for some laughter and fun and a game of business, in bustles a family spotting the quiet spot. And then they promptly spread their …. well…. lavish spread…

Guess who notices? Yup!

They pack up their stuff quickly amidst scared giggles, frightened wails and hurr hurrs!

But hey the quite retreat has been now marked- “X”

They hover around…

The children need to use the washroom. Hubby takes the responsibility of taking them. I settle down for some quiet time and open my Kindle. I keep a rolled newspaper handy, just in case.

A few more groups make their way to the spot with their wares. I give them the royal ignore and sink deeper into the written words.

Something makes me look up. There it is. I have been so lost in reading that now I sit side by side with it. On my left is our picnic basket. Half empty or rather, half full. From my right it slowly starts moving towards it. It keeps full eye contact with me. I keep full eye contact with it. I know any sudden move can lead to a very painful bite from a very scared animal.

There is pin drop silence in the summer house.

It reaches the basket and takes hold of one handle. Our eye-lock continues. I too take firm hold of the other handle.

khwaaack…khwaack…. it bares its teeth. The sure shot way to scare off all humans and take their loot.

I keep looking at it while holding on to my treasure chest. Its Mine!

The deadlock continues. The silence continues. A crowd has gathered below watching the drama unfold ( I notice later)

In my mind I calculate how long before the barring teeth sinks into my skin, or a manicureless sharp nail reaches out in more aggressive attack for the treasure. Its still Mine!

I hold on to my only weapon, the rolled up newspaper in my hand. But I am wary of using it because the slightest gesture can make it feel more threatened and hurry up the still pending attack.

Slowly with full eye contact I raise the rolled paper to be between me and the monkey without causing it to be perturbed by the action.

The crowd silence continues… The teeth barring gets more and more obvious and lesser subtle.

We are now on either sides of the basket, with firm grip over the same. I am not used to not being the pack leader. grrrrr!

I have played badminton and tried table tennis. The head is a big enough ball. in one swift backhand stroke I whack the newspaper roll on its face.

The pirate retreats quietly. The leader has been duly recognized ^_^

The pounding heart feels insulted at the calm exterior but it too grudgingly accepts the calm exterior as the leader and calms down.

The crowd finally breathes and I finally notice them looking at me admiringly. The ones in the summer house murmur amongst themselves: Daring…psst..daring..pssst…pssst..

Life returns to normal in Nandi hills. The heartbeat returns to normal too inside Puspita.

It helps after all, to be the mother to two monkeys 😉

The searching lights

They were good, full of life,

Full of love, full of joy..

They fought, but of course

Cursed each other and even felt annoyed.

Dark and light however must be balanced,

For the universe to stay.

For every black hole a bright light

Is born too each day.

Their light perhaps threatened to wash all the dark away?

And so the universe in self defence fought back!

And in a cruel twist sucked one in

Into a dark black hole in one swift attack.

Dark is as dark does, foul dark played by force

Not a chance light got, for a fair fight

the universe felt no remorse.

It broke their back the light was bent

It could not be fixed again:

But light is light in all its might

Bent, yet it shown.

Though scattered and shattered and all over the place

Light refused to quit!

Because they knew, even though separated

Someday they would meet.

Till then scattered and shattered they carry on

Each in different paths,

Bend they might, break they might

But light would show its wrath.

So they lead on, through their tears

Their joy cut short for now.

The darkness engulfs, the darkness pains

Dark it is all around.

But, Dark cannot forever engulf the light,

The balance has got to be put right.

So while with one swift stroke darkness ruled

Light will take its course,

And light will find a peace and joy

somewhere once more.

Ne, the light will not be the same.

It will be very different

But the searching lights will pierce the dark

and find each other again.