To go out when we felt like
To eat what we pleased
To procrastinate catching up with friends
To shop as we feased
To step out when we want
To stay home if we choose
To sneeze without a tissue
To forever have access to booze
To never care for another’s health
To never prioritize our own
To always live for tomorrow
To enjoy being alone
To times that are gone
Perhaps never to return
A new world norm being formed
A new normal being born.
A tough transition to a new life
But when is it easy say?
To first stay cocooned and dead
Till the wings break free to fly away.

Writhing Amber

A soul destroyed,
a heart broken,
a thousand dreams shattered.

And then;

the soul rose purified, the heart healed stronger,
a million aspirations soared in each dream broken.


They knew not that there was a fire,
Deep in her core.
Which could not be doused by dust, nor by rain on it to pour.

From earth she arose
In its likeness,
An ember glow within.
A strength, a power weilded with the knowledge,
It’s the soft fiery core
That keeps earth going.


It cannot be silenced,
It must not be silenced.
This writhing amber core.
For the day that is done,
Earth will be earth no more.

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The final cup

A final cup of fear,

As you take the plunge:

A final sip of worry,

As you breathe in deep.

And then;

You do it anyway.

And as you feel the wind

In your wings,

As you smell the freedom

From your self doubt:

You know,

The sky is not the limit

For your dreams,

To find their way.